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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Pink Pajamas on Red Fort............

Weak tired eyes seem to stare in blank, waiting, wanting, wishing! While her younger brother goes to school, she drools at home helping her mother around, who is to blame?
A newspaper item appears in the paper” A young bride burned to death” Cause? Dowry of course! No, this is not the case of low income group but our so called high class sophisticated society! Still don’t believe me?
Take another example, Innumerable female fetuses were recovered from a well behind a maternity center in Punjab, Can our BPL population afford a sex-determination test or even an abortion?
As I write this article I wonder how many would read and brush it aside (about 80%)? How many would think on it for a while and far less who would do something proactively in order to improve the status of women in and around our lives…………

“Here comes another feminist article is what we say!” But tell me how many of us do realize that every minute we laugh a women somewhere in this world is being abused physically, mentally and socially!
Why do I name the article so? Well because pink represents women and Red fort is the most integral of Indian monuments.  So, if pink is hanging over the Red fort, it does mean, that women proudly can say that “Hold on you guys we are here to rule!” Yes, RULE, and build a kingdom of love, care and devotion!
Women empowerment is a big word and probably I don’t understand it as much; but what I gather is empowerment of a woman is being able to be in control of her life, to be able to take her own decisions!
But, is a woman really able to make decisions of her life? She continues to sacrifice herself as sister, friend, wife and mother, not thinking for a moment of her desires!
Yes I agree, one extreme of today’s women is the modernized version who thinks about herself only, but the other is conventional who is lost in daily grinding of thinking about only her home! The requirement today is a mixture of both! Till the time, a woman can think about her well-being, she is empowered!
The abuse and violence towards women in our society still exists and the reason? The existence of male chauvinist ideas!   Who do you think is suppose to check them? Who is to blame?
“A woman manages to change a man only when he is a baby! “ Then why not change the baby itself! Why not feed the right ideas to the baby? The woman has to learn that if she wants the world to be a safer place, the initiative should be hers! We need to change before we can change others! But she is yet na├»ve in thinking about her role in development!
At this point, I wish to share a small story with you all. Once a small child saw a butterfly; partially inside a shell, trying to break it and come out! The child in good sense wanted to help the butterfly, so he broke open the shell. And lo alas, what did he see?? The butterfly had semi-formed wings, it still needed some time to develop itself to be able to fly!
This is the condition of women in India today; we still need time to develop our wings! And once we find our voice, there would be no sky unreachable!
Till then we keep our pink pajamas intact well folded inside our cupboards!