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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Ripples in water

The ripples in water disturb the stillness of the large pond side. They weave different patterns on the surface of water just as life weaves new paths and destinations for us. It was a solitary moment for me, with just being with myself. I had bought the precious moment of peace-Rs 5 for visiting the Makbara of Sher Shah Suri in Sasaram District, Bihar.
It is a place visited by local people, not outsiders I guess! I could see the board for preservation of monuments set up, but what followed further was a different site to behold. We, Indians have a very unique habit of doing what we are told not to do! Do not write on the walls, do not stick posters and do not throw garbage in the pond, somehow escapes our eyes. You can almost always see vehicles parked in front of the board of NO PARKING.
The Makbara as it is called, is built on a huge expanse of land, surrounded from all sides by water. A narrow path takes you to the Makbara where the complete family of Sher Shah Suri is buried. It is a place quite so visited by pigeons, and of-course they leave their marks as on all monuments in India.
The late afternoon sun seemed to glow in beauty and give a wonderful aura to the surroundings. The huge red sandstone structure (46 metre high) is built on the main road to Sasaram (between I wanted to share that Sasaram has a FOUR LANE road to Kaimur; and it is a wonder in Bihar for me as I have been travelling in rusty old village roads till now!)
The ducks and birds from far off have flocked in the pond (whatever sorry state it may be in) reminding me of Sukhna lake of Chandigarh; one of my favourite places from my childhood. The sad part was that the filth and dirt that humans have made in this wonderful place cannot go unnoticed. Even the birdies refuse to flock at the places where they is garbage.
Another amazing thing that I saw today was that the left half of the pond was filthy with garbage where as right side was clean. How was that possible? The water on the left was still.
Our lives are same too, when we come face to face with some difficulties in life and our life becomes still, we tend to gather dirt and filth. In order to keep ourselves always clean, we need to keep on move (I am literally doing that, travelling to far stretched places!). Unless we move on and let go of our feelings of hurt and grudges, we cannot grow in life. The ripples must continue to be there to let a new beginning come in life!          

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