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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Like children

When you look at a child, there are a thousand expressions in his eyes. (It must be weird for all the paediatricians to imagine the expressions I am talking about since the only one they get is either a blank face or a scared one!) The child may be cute/not cute, rich or poor; but they are all the same! Once you have caught their attention, you would either receive a smile or a cry!

In case you get a chance to enter a nursery room in a school, the most amazing sight awaits you! Each child is different in his own special way (atleast that’s what Aamir Khan made us believe after Taare Zameen Par) and you need to observe each one to know what life is all about! You would see some engrossed in animated talks within the gang; some others aloof than rest of the class. One of them is sure to be a gangster running and bullying people around him. They are like flowers in a garden; all different and all so amazingly beautiful!

People are like children. I think this is the simplest way to describe human behaviour (that too in one SHORT line)! You smile at them and they smile at you (Ok, I mentioned the kids who do NOT smile at you too!) Deep down our masks of this world, we all are children- we need to be cared for, seek attention and show patterns of jealousy! Try observing a kid who has got a new sibling. He would always try to seek attention of his parents in one way or the other; showing jealously towards the new born. Mothers have to act smart by giving the responsibility of the younger one to elder (atleast that’s what my Mom did; and it worked!)

Like children we take our broken toys (read dreams) to our parents (read God) to mend; but keep hovering around them. We do not give him time to mend our lives; we act like impatient brats! The fact is that we hold on to our dreams so tight that we strangle them. We do not realise that life is not about reaching somewhere; but how we reach there! Life is about today!

Of course I believe that what ever we do comes back to us; doesn’t mean we keep living in past or future! (Anyways I always wonder how many things that I have done; do I want to receive back? Gosh! it sure is scary) When you look a young child; he has no plans, no worries in mind. (Yes, may be he plans to get that videogame on his next birthday) For a child everything is a wonder! Every moment holds a new question. He may not get an appropriate answer from his parents all the time (especially when they tend to bring office back to home), but he knows life is about learning slowly; experiencing each moment. Lets live like children-believing in goodness of everyone. (I have received beautiful smiles from children, to whom I was a complete stranger; you just have to smile at them first!) When we do not believe in goodness in people, we only exist. Let us live life……… children!