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Monday, October 13, 2014

Sweet Memoirs!

A small something I wrote 'before' my wedding day!
What does it mean to be a bride? She’s beautiful, she’s young and she’s about to take the most important step of her life! She is going to transform from a girl next-door to someone who holds the knits of two families together! An Indian bride symbolizes the culture and traditions being followed since a long time. Weddings customs differ from region to region in India but there are some things which are common to weddings! Most Indian cultures infuse their wedding ceremonies with extravagant parties and rituals, including special attire and adornments for the bride.
She’s dressed in red, loaded with ornaments and bathed in fragrances; but there’s more to a bride than her make up or attire on her wedding day! It’s the happiness and expectations for her new life which make her glow with an angelic hallow! Perhaps I would radiate the same in a few more days!

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