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Friday, November 25, 2011

A dream come true..............

Of unending rains, and mighty stains!

Cups of tea looking at a pile of clothes; oh poor me!

Are my prayers heard? Can someone actually hear me?

“Ding dong! Your prayers are heard………..Surf Excel Matic is here! It cleans the stains smartly, while you spend your precious time with your family!” Hearing this commercial on TV, my curiosity arose. I usually go into sleep mode when such advertisements play on TV in between the shows. But here actually seemed an answer to my long time request sent to God. (May be God gave the contract to fulfill the request to Surf Excel Matic!)

Ever since my childhood, washing clothes has been a routine fixed for Sundays! Watching my mom juggling from kitchen to bathroom every Sunday was usual for us, as we sat in front of the television watching our favourite cartoon shows (Even then we were not spared of commercial breaks!). Being a working woman, washing clothes was a hectic full time job for her. We decided to ease her labour by getting a brand new ‘intelligent washing machine’ but to no use. She continued to stop the machine in between; rub the hard stains with her hands and be occupied on all Sundays! We could not even go out for our favourite round of ice-creams as she used to be so tired till the evening.

Time passed and I came in the category of ‘working’; staying away from home. From the basics of buying groceries to cooking food has to be done all by myself! And on top of that, washing clothes had become a headache for me! Being single still has advantages that I have only my set of clothes to wash; still Sundays used to go in that routine!

Then came Magic; oops, Matic in my life! And here I am a free bird today! All I have to do is load my dirty clothes in the washing machine (Another intelligent one; though I know that hardly works!) and forget about them! It really works.

Now, Sundays are ‘My Days” and not days for washing clothes. The childhood rule has been re-written! Next thing, I am going to gift my Mom is of course Surf Excel Matic!

Sitting calmly on my cushion bed, I can be online even when my clothes are being cleaned; just right for those stubborn stains! I remember that line well, “Daag ache hain”. I could never imagine such pleasure while my clothes were washed since standing at the edge of washing machine and watching the knob had become my habit! Now I find all the time to catch up with my friends on Facebook. All the restaurant waiters are getting to know me well. My long due ‘to read’ list is getting slowly read. Earlier I used to think about stories while washing clothes and they used to rinse away from my mind as soon as the clothes did! This doesn’t happen now!

And I can blog more now. Why do you think I could spot this contest? Had I stuck to my old detergent I would still have been washing clothes this Sunday!     


  1. Washing clothes on Sunday... reminds me of my hostel days... I love the jingle in the beginning... unending rains, mighty stains :)
    All the best

  2. Nice one jassi......:)