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Sunday, November 27, 2011

From a Mother’s kitchen….

Being a mother isn’t easy! I am NOT talking about the 9 hard months of pregnancy, (of course they are really tough too) but the post-delivery effects; when your kids are beyond that ‘Cerelac’ age.

With two kids, Jassi, age 8 and Harry age 5, I had a rough time, especially in kitchen! One would want South Indian all the time, whereas other would be happy only with a Burger! There was only one thing in common-both used to make faces looking at the greens. Even I was not an easy mother to them; after all I had to make sure my children ate right. Thus, every meal time turned out to be a battlefield. That was when I started to prepare innovative dishes.

From putting all green vegetables like lauki, tori, tinda etc in home-made Pav-Bhaji (Mumbai Street food) to putting a good mix of vegetables in Sambhar (South Indian Curry), I tried a variety of dishes. But their fight of ‘South Indo-Western’ remained then and there. I had to always make separate dish for the other when South Indian was the menu.

On one such taxing day, when I was done preparing batter for Dosa, my younger one strolled into the kitchen. Looking at the South Indian menu for dinner, rude words were exchanged; “You don’t love me, why do you keep making this!” Before I could pacify him with my words, angrily he stormed out of kitchen, and I ended up feeling sorry for him.

Finally I opened the refrigerator to make something else for him, when my eyes fell on eggs lying in the basket. Something stuck me! I picked out some carrots, cabbage, capsicum and onions. Cutting them into small pieces, I sautéed them in a little oil. Then I put some batter of Dosa onto a hot non-stick pan. When one side of the Dosa was done; I broke an egg on it. Turning the Dosa on the pan, I allowed the egg to cook well. Then I spread some sauce on the Egg-Dosa; put the vegetables in it and rolled it up. Voila Egg-Dosa Roll was ready! And it was full of vegetables. Finally I could also resolve the problem of varied tastes of my kids all at one time; one having Dosa and the other loving Egg-Dosa Roll. Try out friends its Easy, Tasty and Healthy!     


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  2. I would certainly try this Jazz!!!