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Monday, February 13, 2012

Kangaroo Mother Care!

Two tiny smiling faces greeted me, when I met my cousin in the Hospital after her delivery. She had twins! Both were pre-terms; unable to hold their excitement in the womb to see the world, I guess! It was a challenge to care for them; but the family supported completely. The concept of warmth to the baby was explained to her by the Doctor; and now both are doing well. The baby needs to be felt cared for!

Madhuri too had twin girls; one she had to bear the stigma of bearing girl child and two on top of that! She had completely no support and her children, although full terms were very weak. She failed to understand the reason and desperately wanted to find a remedy!

Skin To Skin Care is such a simple technique for weak infants to gain weight and be healthy! The message just needs to be shared.

There is no science in it, even YOU can help by simply joining “Million Moms Challenge” clicking at .This would help Moms around the world to CONNECT, COMMUNICATE and CONTRIBUTE!!!  

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