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Monday, February 13, 2012

Make a Change!

My closest friend is pregnant. So I am ears to her woes with each increasing day! Puking in the morning, late night hot flushes and craving Golgappas (fried puffed up wheat or semolina balls filled with a sweet-sour tangy water; one of the most popular street food in India) at odd hours; while her hubby dear keeps on lecturing her about unhealthiness of it. (But ends up bringing it for her at the same time; he doesn’t want a child who comes with a watering mouth!) She had wanted to keep quiet about it until her ‘stomach starts to bulge’ to ward off the evil eye as told by her mom.

At the same time, Bimla, 4 months pregnant in a remote village of one of the blocks of Patna district of Bihar gets her first shot of Tetanus Toxiod; two compulsory shots to be taken by pregnant women for her safety against the dreaded disease, Tetanus. She had swelling in her hands and feet. Too shy to talk, this 17 year old was in great pain when she reached the health care centre. Her reluctant mother-in-law accompanied her; who didn’t want to take her to a doctor lest people come to know about her pregnancy!

Is there any difference between the situations of these two? Yes there sure is!

My friend has got her regular check ups done right from the time of positive detection; where as some of the precious moments of pregnancy have been lost in the latter case. The most difficult as well as challenging time has been faced by the young mother alone; afraid even to talk to her husband. She has borne the pain and depression all by herself. She craves knowledge about her baby and herself; but chooses to keep quiet in order to maintain peace at home.

Both are currently based in Bihar, but their lives are poles apart! These poles need to be brought together for a better tomorrow. Can YOU help her?

Of course! You can spread awareness and make a difference in many lives simply by joining “Million Moms Challenge” clicking at . CONNECT, COMMUNICATE and CONTRIBUTE!!!

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