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Saturday, January 18, 2014

A life time opportunity..…

I am going to Delhi!’ It was a huge step, something which I had never dreamt about ! My dreams were not about going to Delhi or meeting high profile people but when the news came, I started dreaming about it. And then they came true!
It was like a bomb blast in my neighborhood! There were so many curious (and negative) people around me when the news came; “You have been selected to go to Delhi. You have to leave tomorrow”. Kya mazak hai, aap aise kaise ja sakti hai? (No kidding, How can you do that?) Kuch gadbad hui hai kya, aise itni jaldi kyu bulaya gya hai? (Why have they called in such a hurry, Is there any problem?)
Hearing them all, I started having some negative thoughts as well. ‘Had I done something wrong? How did they select me?’ With these questions in my mind, gathering whatever money I kept for emergency, I started for my journey to Patna. My husband had accompanied me thinking, we could spent some more amount and travel to Delhi together; after all how could I travel alone to Delhi? It was too scary and Delhi seemed far away! When we came to know I had to travel without my husband, his face changed color. I was hesitant too but I did make up my mind! And it was amazing! Had my husband known from the start that I would have to go to Delhi on my own, he would have never brought me even to Patna!
As we entered the airport, the lady police were so amused to see us go in-perhaps we seemed out of place. “You are going to see them on TV tomorrow”, they stared at us as our madams beamed. Once in the airplane, I tried my seat belt myself; I could actually do it. I felt so confident an in control of myself. We then got a pack of biscuits in a nice looking dabba (container) and a juice can on the plane; I saved one biscuit for my son from the pack. I would tell him I got something for him ‘from air’! I settled in the window seat; it was amazing to watch the place take off, leaving the lights below and finally landing in Delhi. The lights in Delhi made me feel like we were celebrating a festival! Delhi seemed something out of my world; hundreds of highways with fast rushing cars and tall buildings touching the sky. It was a completely different experience from my daily life as a health worker and an ASHA. I felt free, curious to explore a new world and breathing in every detail of the places we visited. The most amazing thing happened at Qutub Minar where a white lady came rushing to hug me; she seemed happier to see me than I was to see her! I even got clicked with her! I would have lost a lifetime opportunity if I had got scared to travel alone that day! I am glad I believed in myself!
Daisy Kumari
Khagaria district

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