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Saturday, January 18, 2014

And I fly away!

 Ever since I have joined as ASHA, I have been playing a lead role in my community, providing them services on time such as pregnancy care, family planning awareness and nutrition care. After having worked for 8 years as ASHA, I got selected as an ASHA facilitator and then it was a surprise which came next! I was selected to go to Delhi to be on TV! I could not hide my happiness; my children, husband and in-laws all seemed so excited about it! After two rounds of interview with a madam on phone, I was ready to go! But what I didn’t know was that I was to fly!   
Our trains had got late and so I was to fly to Delhi with the team! I always imagined sitting in it one day as I saw planes flying over my house in Maner. But when the dream actually came true, it was a complete different experience. I wanted to smile, laugh but whatever could come to my face on the first day was a glum serious expression due to such huge change of atmosphere around me! We reached the hotel in Delhi quite late. Despite being so cold outside, we were tugged in the warmth of our rooms. When we finally sat down to eat, it was on a table together- 9 of us served by men! Imagine the sadistic pleasure of ‘Being served’ on plate while we ate; secondly and a more significant one was to be served by men! Till now, I had only cooked and served food to my family where men were the first ones to eat always! Wish I could capture it in camera, in my heart I surely did!
Another moment during the trip which will always remain etched in my mind was just before I faced the camera! It was in the make-up room. Seeing heroines on TV, I had always tried to imagine how they look so beautiful onscreen and I got a chance to see that! The make-up area was like a mirror room, with chairs all over the place. We sat down on one of the most comfortable chairs and our make-up was done; again by men! I could not help but wonder whether anyone in my home town knew that men did such work too! When he finished he said, ‘Ok Ma’am done’ and I looked at him and smiled! I surely had many stories to take back home after this trip!

Keshav Devi
Maner, Patna District

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