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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Change is the law of nature...........

Opinions change, ideas change, time changes, So do people! What to talk of anybody, I have changed a lot!
With time, with pressure, succumbing to life’s hardships, I gave time for myself, for my inner soul to fight, sometimes the inner soul wins, sometimes the outside world!
Is that the right way to live Life? I have no answers!
Life has a thousand colours to offer! But each colour fades after a while. Each beauty is short lived, ephemeral in nature. What you have today might not be with you tomorrow, but it is important to live for today!
“Live the moment” But it is not easy to wash away the old shade we loved. “Change is the law of nature”; perhaps this is true! I never believed that now I do!
You see I told you I have changed too!

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