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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Rising Fever...........

The fever is rising high. The system is totally paralysed-there is literally no movement around and I really can’t do much about it! The roads are deserted; shops closed down and there is a sense of urgency everywhere. Unless till 2:30 pm, I don’t know how the time would pass! Oh yes, it’s the cricket fever-It’s the MOST important match of the World Cup-2011 today-INDIA VS PAKISTAN! Wow! (I still can’t seem to make out whether this match is important since the two teams play well or because we are still on a cold war status with Pakistan?) It must be even more important than the final match on Saturday (Unless of-course if India wins the match today!)
It’s just amazing how the match is weaving its effect into lives of common people (Well as I say there is nobody common now; and why would that be? After all everyone is special in this world, each individual!). The way the life today has been planned seems as if the world is coming to a stop! I am actually wondering what would be the state of affairs in Mohali where the match is to take place, when this drama is going on here in the streets of Patna, Bihar. What moment would that be when the coin would be tossed and the match would begin! (Actually what a lucky coin, millions of eyes would be fixed on it for that split of a second)
On my visit yesterday to a rural backdrop, we had come across a fight between a medical officer and an accountant, and guess what? The medical officer abused him and said “I would get you today in the evening, much before India and Pakistan come face to face with each other!” Imagine! The fervour is high, even the abuses have the mention of the match!
Radio Mirchi RJs were on continuous basis looking forward to their boss to grant them a leave so that the PRECIOUS match would not be missed! And guess what happened? Their boss did not grant leave, but arranged a wide screen television set for everyone in the office to sit and watch the match together, what better?
Another of the effects came from the mouth of one of the private players that we interacted yesterday! He was so very interested in doing some work for the masses and bring quality services into lives of the people. As a mark of his philanthropy, he wanted to begin a program to fight Typhoid which was just around the corner due to change in season. As we discussed more on the need to save lives of the people and the sense of urgency in it, he mentioned that “I just wanted to get over the business of watching India-Pakistan match and then settle down for the health program”. What an effect!
Lets see how far the spirit of cricket carries us…..Would we be left criticising the Captain for not choosing the right man to bat or ball at the right time or would we loose our heads and burn crackers in the middle of the night?       


  1. Nice expression..good to se ou being able to put your small experiences/thoughts into words..

    Keep it up!!

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  3. Hi Jassi feeling proud to have you as a friend...God Bless You with all success in your life...Keep it up..!!!

  4. Dear jaspreet

    It really gives me a good feeling about you and your interest in these write ups.

    I am very much sure that you will be giving many many new things as it is your one of the best habits.

    With wishes,
    Arun Kumar,PHRN