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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Why Violence?

Why is this happening? Why so much violence? Why so much injustice? Why are these cries heard and sometimes so much silence that it kills the heart!
There is silence everywhere. Amidst so much of crowd, there is loneliness! I am aloof, every being is aloof, we have made ourselves like that!
Dwelling in a shell, we are always thinking about our comforts; our worries and our happiness! We have always been selfish.
But God; Is he too become aloof or selfish? Why is he not hearing the blasts?-the cries of women being raped? The blood shedding, the wailing victims, the people dying………… Why is he not listening?
Are they the children of lesser God?
Whose mistake is the death of thousands of pilgrims or for that matter-the innocent beings who were forever earthed alive in Earthquakes or the ones whose graves were the great oceans?
Who is to listen to them? Not I because I am dumb for that matter we all are! Our hoarding for money and fame has made us dumb and blind! Blind to troubles and necessities of others!
Lets at least be humans for a while. Lets move our soul which is covered up by the masks that we daily wear to work on order to reach success ladder!
Lets us show that we can at least pray for this world, this Earth to be a safer place so that one doesn’t have to fear going to a temple anymore! (Reference to Akshardham temple, Gandhinagar)  


  1. what sis.. r u changing ur profession to columnist? I think communal violence is dangerous and the root cause for terrorism, and we are blaming the god. so Its all in the gods game ;). he/she is a clever player and knows where to execute the moves to balance this world either by natular calamity or communal riot / war.
    1 more thing i wanna reckon is people's memory. they tend to sweep their memory, though it takes some time. for ex: the demise of a person and his memories are put behind the curtain by an arrival of new born in to the family and it goes on to most of the situations. lets hope for the best that god see us through a good life :)

  2. Yes Bhaiya, I am sure he would! Thank God people still have those short term memory loss! :)