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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Honesty walking down the road............

Honesty is a big word! Come to define it and you will realize that one falls short of words………(see I HAD to deliberately put these dots!)
A beautiful example was witnessed on the roads of PATNA (Bihar, which is otherwise so much criticized for corruption!). Walking back from work one evening I saw a child, of about 2 years of age, clutching her mother’s hand. She was literally running behind a preoccupied mother; who was taking long strides. Perhaps she has become late to cook dinner for her hubby dear, as he returns back from work! (TIRED, yes! but with enough energy to bark at her when she fails to put dinner in front of him within 5 minutes!)
The child is trying to keep pace with her mother’s speed when something falls on the road, making a tinkling sound. There goes the coin she was going to buy her favourite toffee from. She had begged her mom for that in the morning. The mother fails to notice anything but the child keeps on looking at it with longing eyes.
Before I can react to the situation, a street urchin picks up the coin. Here goes the child’s toffee; the buck is passed on! Thinking such I am about to remove my journey home, when I see the urchin running towards the child.
He stops the surprised (and angry) mother. He places the coin in the young child’s hands; which she gladly clutches again and gives her best smile! Some how the mother can place the situation and a smile spreads on her face. She takes the urchin by hand and both of them hit the nearby golgappa stall to enjoy some sugar-sour moments (woman, not once fearing her husband’s fury today!)
Let’s keep honesty walking instead of putting it to sleep!   

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  1. People usually live by need only not by truth/honesty. Glad the heart is not sleeping everywhere :o)